About Us

UrbanCowgirl® was created for the girl on the go; for active, sexy, successful girls and women everywhere. The Urban Cowgirl has the sophistication of the urban woman mixed with the spirit of the open boundaries of a country girl all wrapped in to one.

Our Mission is to embrace and empower the duality of women and create a line of cosmetics and apparel that represents the sexy, savvy, successful young woman. We have worked closely with women and taken your input to create our unique lines of cosmetics, beauty, athletic-wear, and organics. Our products are “by girls, for girls” and we know that you want to combine healthiness without sacrificing sexiness. We have geared our products for busy active women who need their beauty products to accommodate their lifestyle.

We are supporting a growing community that enables girls and women to share and communicate about their style, share beauty secrets, share their stories and become a part of the UrbanCowgirl family. “By Girls for Girls” is our mantra–we want skincare, cosmetics, apparel and accessories to represent the girls that will be wearing them. The ‘girl on the go’ is our focus and we want you to grow with us. We are not yet on the runway but we definitely have our eye on the fashion world to guide us with color and trends. We are in the bathrooms and bedrooms, in the car and the gym locker room, getting you ready to wow the world. We are working with our labs to bring in the healthiest ingredients and cutting edge technology to all of our products. Come join us on our fabulous journey where beauty meets real life.

Founder Margeaux Mann spent over 20 years in the design, marketing, and advertising world – working on a wide variety of global campaigns and products. She became inspired to start her own brand for women in 2002. She reflected about her own life and the dichotomy of loving to kayak and surf, but also loving to wear heels at a gala or at an art opening. She realized that women were complex and embody a duality. She focused her passion and experience and began to talk to girls and women, finding out their thoughts about fashion and beauty. With that input she began to develop product lines geared to women on the go that care about their health as well as their appearance.

“…I wanted to leave a positive message for my daughters that you can set out and accomplish anything. I learned that it was compatible to be intelligent, driven and respected with feeling attractive feminine and healthy. But I came to realize that it can take a little bit of courage to step out to meet the world.

I have had a few dear friends struggle with cancer and treatment , one night I found my girlfriend crying in the bathroom, she had no eyebrows or hair. She felt horrible, we pulled out the make up and painted in eyebrows, some eyeliner and her face lit up. The four of us painted the town that night. That was the last time I got to see her. I feel like UrbanCowgirl is about those intimate moments. …”

2009 will mark the launch of Margeaux’s other dream, the non-profit “Back in the Saddle™”, whose mission is directed at young women suffering with difficult illnesses and treatments. Back in the Saddle does makeovers and other activities. Both UrbanCowgirl and Back-in-the-Saddle™ reflect Margeaux’s own duality as she continues to lead the charge directing her creative energies toward embracing women.