Mineral Compacts

Mineral Compacts


Our mineral foundations are a high-tech blend of minerals and pigments delivered from rock and minerals and then micro-pulverized and jet milled into microscopic flat crystals, containing no filler, talc or FD&C dyes. These foundations concentrated pigments form natural protective filler, keeping skin healthy all day.

This protein packed powder is a very gentle and gives the product a great affinity with the skin. It does not absorb water when used wet, this helps prevent bacteria growth and decomposition of the cake.

Flawless Naked Beauty!
In a beautiful Black case with a big mirror for touch ups.

Available in 6 Shades:

Porcelain: a soft alabaster blend.
Light Beige: a gentle blend for the lighter tones
Almond: leaning toward the olive tones.
Café Ole: a darker rich milky tone
Bisque: a rich blend of browns and roses.
Tanned: a rosy tone bringing out the highlights.

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