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TGIF Deal Days at UrbanCowgirl 50% OFF Friday


Beat the dog days of Summer with UrbanCowgirl TGIF Deal Days. This Friday we are offering our ‘Basic Face Kit’ at 50% off. Travel in Style. Visit for more details.


Basic Face Kit by UrbanCowgirl

Basic Face Kit by UrbanCowgirl


5 Minutes to Gorgeous with Rachel and Diana

How-To Tips Make-Over Videos 


5 Minutes to Gorgeous Tutorial with Ibi and Dianna

Make-Over Videos 


5 Minutes to Gorgeous Video with Courtney and Dianna

Make-Over Videos 

We’re excited to offer this new video, (1 of 4), from our recent Video and Photo Shoot, demonstrating the new 5 Minutes to Gorgeous Kit. This make-over video is for the shade “Baby Face” and features Urban Cowgirl, Courtney (and baby Cora), from northern California.

Coming Soon: Urban Cowgirls Rose, Ibi, and Rachel featuring the shades, Almond Joy, Café Ole and Sweet Cocoa.

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