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5 minutes to gorgeous

5 Minutes To Gorgeous
Beauty on the Go

UrbanCowgirl Cosmetics

gor⋅geous -


1. splendid or sumptuous in appearance, coloring, etc.;

We at UrbanCowgirl are focusing on the ‘girl on the go’ !
With that in mind we have put together a step by step
5 Minutes to Gorgeous
product line for the face. 
Have a couple more minutes, we have products for that too.
The basics:
Step 1: Concealer
Step 2: Blush
Step 3: EyeBling
Step 4: Lash Out Mascara
Step 5: WhipStick Lipgloss
Step 6: Dazzle them

Coming in April

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Posted January 8th, 2010 by UrbanCowgirl

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